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What’s digital radio?What’s digital radio?What’s digital radio?

On 22, May 2014 | In | By antiform

What’s digital radio?

The good old FM-band is gettings it’s replacement, and to help that happen sooner rather than later, NRK has started a campaign to promote the digital coming of radio.



The first of several promos is the general “What is digital radio” to set the tone for the rest of the campaign. The client had a rather fact-heavy list of things that needed to be mentioned in the promo, so I needed to make the visuals as humane as possible.

DAB one bus

I was inspired by the quirky character of this old Audio-commercial, and found that this sort of atmosphere was what I needed to transfer over to my project. The result is what hopefully is a likeable character representing the average Joe, some Homer hair added on top.



Sketching began, voice-overs was written and storyboards where drawn out successively.


A couple of months ago I taught myself CAT within 3ds MAX, a character rigging system that makes your life a little less technical when rigging and even animating. I did not know it too well when this project started out, but I decided to dive right in. This often has fatal consequences, and there where definetively days where I thought I’d never be able to pull this off. But, as often happens, you pull it off.


(My biggest oh no was when I was unable to move or rotate the character without animating him into position, but luckily there was a button for that too).


Modelling was roughly 1 day per environment, same with animation. Comps where done the last two day before deadline.


Software: Mischief for storyboards, Premiere Pro for timing and sound editing, 3ds Max with mental ray and CAT for modelling, animation and render. Hiero for finishing and administering versions and shots, Nuke for final compositing. Rendered on 8 intel i7/Xeon machines using backburner. Frametimes on roughly 40 minutes per frame.


And so, here is the final promo, I hope you enjoy it (and go out and get yourself a DAB+ radio).