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Trygdekontoret 2014Trygdekontoret 2014Trygdekontoret 2014Trygdekontoret 2014

On 03, Mar 2014 | In | By antiform

Trygdekontoret 2014

For 2014’s season of Trygdekontoret, the programme is changing its location from NRK3 to NRK1’s limelight. For this new season, they are resurrecting an old sitcom featuring some key actors from the original cast and a newly written script.


When talks began about promoting the launch, Thomas Seltzer, the host, suggested he’d be the puppet master watching over the house in which Ellen & Børres mishaps unfolds.


Thomas’ plate was shot on a Red one with upgraded sensor, the 3d is done in 3ds Max and comping done in Nuke.


I supervised on the Ellen & Børre set, and made sure to shoot tons of reference shots from lots of different angles. These shots were then uploaded to autodesk’s ReCap photo cloud service, which automatically computes a textured 3d mesh from the shots.


The resulting mesh weren’t super accurate, but good enough to project some video onto in Nuke. With this technique I was able to create a pretty seamless camera track from inside to the outside of the house. I manually matched key features in the reference pictures and the main video camera to get its start position, using Pftrack.


Lighting in the green plate was done by the brilliant Rune Kalgraff.
DP: Jane Rasmussen.
Direction, 3d and comp: Yours truly.
Cast; Nils Vogt, Sven Nordin, Bjørn Sundquist, Thomas Seltzer.