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The Arctic Challenge 2011The Arctic Challenge 2011The Arctic Challenge 2011The Arctic Challenge 2011The Arctic Challenge 2011

On 07, Feb 2013 | In | By antiform

The Arctic Challenge 2011

This is perhaps my finest hour so far; a subject matter close to my heart, a blend of footage and graphics and a concept that is ringing throughout the promo.

WSC 2012 promo Clean (0-00-13-00)

For Terje Haakonsen’s “The Arctic Challenge” 2011, I was asked to throw together a quick edit of some archive footage. For the sport that is the love of my life, that brief did no justice to such an epic event.

WSC 2012 promo Clean (0-00-07-08)

So, adding in quite a few unpaid after-hours, I made a promo circling around the age old cliché of how snowboarders are battling gravity (I think I remember Terje mentioning gravity as his best friend in an old interview), flying around in space where no (very little at least) gravity is present. As the perfect climax, I got the landmark and arena midpoint – the tryvann tower – to lift off like a russian rocket heading for orbit.

WSC 2012 promo Clean (0-00-16-23)


This made for a very stylized, eyecatching promo, that spoke well to the intended audience, and hopefully got some others interested as well.

WSC 2012 promo Clean (0-00-10-04)

The promo got attention throughout the scene, with articles in both Fri Flyt and Tacky. The Arctic Challenge loved it so much that they commisioned internationalized versions to go on to their website and youtube channel.


I was very inspired by early space age, and applied the aestetics of old control rooms and astronaut portraits to the shots. All available footage was grungy SD, so this fitted well in that respect as well. Most shots required tons of manual roto work, and the entire promo took around 10 working days to finish.


The edit was done in Premiere, the roto done in motor, the composite in good-old Combustion, rocket exhaust and smoke done in 3ds max with FumeFX, and finally flares done in After Effects with Optical Flares.


For an extensive making of, showing references, roto and breakdowns, check this out:

And finally, the finished, norwegian, promo: