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P3aksjonen 2015 – RegnskogfondetP3aksjonen 2015 – RegnskogfondetP3aksjonen 2015 – RegnskogfondetP3aksjonen 2015 – Regnskogfondet

By antiform

On 09, Nov 2015 | In | By antiform

P3aksjonen 2015 – Regnskogfondet

I was asked to do a promo for P3aksjonen based on my previous efforts, only this time in the midst of jungle.

Unusually clean from post work, this promo was a welcome break from all technical difficulties I usually bang my head into.


I’m working my way down the director’s don’t list – “ABC”.   I got Children down from before, and this time decided to check off Animals. Boats is still to do. The parrots were fairly cooperative, although they tested the solidity of the glasswork a couple of times. The carpet cleaners where also charging overtime when we were done.


The script were done very last minute, and we also did a few adjustments on set which is not my style at all. It did however create a creative pitch in feeling on set, which I think was for the better for the end result. Some of the “cleverness” of the script almost got lost to these last minute changes though, and I ended up with one – 1 – usable take of the key tree tumbling scene.


So note to self is; make sure you got what you need when you start going freestyle, especially if freestyle isn’t your style.


Luckily we had a swell cast of unusually charming people, and stayed focused even though the director, yours truly, was on thin ice. Ronny Brede Aase did a very fine Attenborough impersonation, Niklas Baarli nailed the comic timing, Tuva Fellman and Silje Nordnes delivered the meat of the info with charm and preciscion.

Also, big shout outs to our DP Tore Vollan, whose insights on comedy were invaluable.

Graphics done by Rashid Akrim and the boys at P3. Edited in Premiere Pro, graded on Davinci Resolve.

Here’s the final thing!