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P3-aksjonen 2012P3-aksjonen 2012P3-aksjonen 2012P3-aksjonen 2012

On 23, Jan 2013 | In | By antiform

P3-aksjonen 2012

P3-aksjonen is part of the yearly TV-aksjon at NRK, a TV-show that raises money through viewers donation to a charity or organization. P3-aksjonen caters for the younger audiences, and features an incredibly long radiobroadcast (80 hours this year) with interviews, artists, listener contributions and good old mocking-about.


The brief was to feature the 4 hosts, and give the audience a feel for who they are and what the program will be all about. I was inspired by the fact that the hosts are all locked up in a makeshift radiostudio for the length of the show, the will eat, sleep and work within the confiment of the glass walls of the studio.


The film was shot on green using a RED One and the widest lens in town. We propped up the desk to give the organic look of a radiostudio, although highly unrealistic and illustrative. This was further enhanced by an outline drawing superimposed on top.


The line drawing needed some extra work in the last shot, when the camera jibs up. To get it to follow the features of the desk, I used the excellent cameratracking software PFTrack 2012 and its Image Modeller node, where I rebuilt most of the desk’s props. All of the geometry including camera movement was then imported to Nuke, and using the cameras position at the initial frame, which would be identical to the previous, static shots, it was a simple case of projecting the line drawing onto the geometry, and then using the tracked, animated camera to render a line drawind that perfectly matched the shot throughout the jib.



The final promo can be seen here: