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NRK Sport on DAB – winter editionNRK Sport on DAB – winter editionNRK Sport on DAB – winter editionNRK Sport on DAB – winter editionNRK Sport on DAB – winter edition

By antiform

On 30, Nov 2017 | In | By antiform

NRK Sport on DAB – winter edition

I got to do another NRK Sport promo! The previous installment was such a success that I was drafted to do one on winter sports.

The script writing was pretty straight-forward this time around, since we were building on the previous promo. Oblivous dad listens to sports broadcasts on radio, kids are running amok around the house. We had great fun coming up with ideas for what the kids could be doing and what sort of mayhem we could create without tearing the house down.

The biggest challenge was to find settings where the kids where able to pull the action off, without hurting themselves nor the location, which was a charming smalltown house on the outskirt of Oslo.

My excellent producer Christopher Homan came up with the idea that the promo should end with snow starting to fall outside, and that really made the whole thing come together. The kids are eager to get out and play, the pre-season/start of season was upon us, and we really needed an element to distract Dad from scolding the rascals. Snow saves the day.

In my early career I always drew out a complete storyboard, to make sure I had a perfect, airtight plan before going on set. Lately I’ve been straying a bit from that amendment, for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a lot of work. drawing out 20 some shots would probably take me a couple of days. Next, I find writing a shotlist is often just as good to remember how I want the actors to play out a given shot. Also, I find that a shotlist makes it easier to tap into the talents of the DOP, it makes them less restrained, and eneables them to put more of their artistic talent into the shots.

Here’s the list that I brought to set. I’m unsure how much sense the makes outside of my own head, but it show the structure and planning of order at least.

Shot List NRK Sport.

DAD’s scenes in the kitchen

  1. CU Radio on the kitchen table turned on. Laundry in the background. Towels finished stacked.
  2. MED Dad compares socks, sending glances toward the radio
  3. MED Dad leans towards the radio, puts down the washing because it is so exciting.
  4. MED Dad responds to a sound from above, but is not able to go from the radio.
  5. MED Dad responds to sound from the hallway, looking worried.
  6. TOT of dad who sort socks on the kitchen table. In the foreground hurtling first two skiers pass by, saw a ski jumper with jumping skis on your shoulders. Go a few rounds of skiing.
  7. TOT / MED Dad has amassed a stack of towels, are heading out in the living room / hallway and stumbles over a sprinting skier.
  8. CU Dad gets up / into the picture after having picked up the towels, takes a deep breath to not get angry. Ski wax on the carpet. Turns toward the hallway.
  9. MED angry dad with skiers awaiting scoling. Everyone reacts on sound from the stairs. Zip-pan to the doorway where the skier stands. Reaction to snow too.
  10. TOT / MED out of the window where it snows, Dad drag the kids into his fold, crouching down slightly to see better.
  11. CU skier who takes off his glasses and points with the rod onto the first snow falling.

Skiers and jumps into the room / hall

  1. TOT skis down on the carpet in the living room. Dad and radio anskåret the kitchen. Hopper with skis on shoulder passes (reverse of shot 06).
  2. DIV CU skiers running around the table in the living room. Sticky stuff on the carpet.
  3. MED follow – Skijumper passing piano and get dangerously close to vase. The ski swings dangerously close to camera.

Corridor and bod

  1. TOT Curling Players brushes frantically across the floor with brooms.
  2. CU over angled dokostbørsting with boiler stops.
  3. CU Skier in the storeroom drag ski apart. Skier 2 and skijumper in the background.

Iceskater – playroom by the kitchen

  1. CU childrens hands puts the mirror on the floor.
  2. TOT Speed skater standing mirror, puts a hand on his back and skating on mirrored.


  1. TOT The breed facade snow. And a version without snow.

Skijumper and alpine skier staircase

  1. MED follow ski jumper on the way up the stairs, reveal alpinist who is getting ready to top
  2. MED reverse ski jumper with alpinist anskåret. Nodding approvingly in passing no.
  3. CU skier turn rods together and take a step forward.

Ski jumper in bedroom

  1. TOT ski jumper going out on headboard on skis
  2. CU Ski jumper puts on his glasses and tilts forward.
  3. TOT slow Ski jumper lands in the sheets with swoop, down valleys down throughout the room
  4. TOT judge panel with 5 kids gives jumps characters

Biathlon in playroom

  1. CU green apples – 5 in a row. The outermost is shot down, the focus pull over to biathlon which charges the gun in order to shoot again.


As you might have picked up, I dropped the exterior shots. We thought we were running out of time on the set, so I decided I would do without them. The first of was intended to be the main setup shot, bu I had a gut feeling it would eat up too much screen time in the final edit, especially since these shots had a “before and after” logic to them. I kinda knew the radio had to be the setup shot, which made these kinda reduntant.  Descisions like this are tough to do on set and can be fatal, so think long and hard before you let anything (or anyone for that sake) go.