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Norges kuleste lærerNorges kuleste lærerNorges kuleste lærerNorges kuleste lærerNorges kuleste lærerNorges kuleste lærer

On 06, Feb 2013 | In | By antiform

Norges kuleste lærer

We got Erik og Kriss onboard for this promo asking for Norway coolest teacher. Students in upper secondary school was asked to pitch in why their teacher deserved to be named “Norway’s coolest teacher” and would win a VIP concert entry for the entire class.

TrTrT11FP3-Norg008P1AA-AA (0-00-19-10)

Erik and Kriss were supereasy to work with, and as the script and visuals progressed they contributed with references and thoughts on how to solve the final promo.



This is the of the styleframes that I pitched to Erik and Kris, which they weren’t quite happy with. It got them confident on the idea though, that a semirealistic, slightly cartoonish world, was the way to go.

TrTrT11FP3-Norg008P1AA-AA (0-00-10-22)

The promo was shot on green and features a backdrop with eyecatching typography. Loads of visual gimmicks, like wiping of chalkboard-like transitions and other school-related elements adds to the pace and feel of the promo.


TrTrT11FP3-Norg008P1AA-AA (0-00-08-17)

The storyboards can be seen here:

storyboard 2 storyboard 1

The promo was edited in premiere which allows me to work in full resolution without transcoding throughout the process. The post was done in After Effects with some simple 3d (the airplane, recycled from a promo for MGP 2011) done in 3ds Max.

The final promo can be seen here: