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Nasjonal strikkekveld – National knitting eveNasjonal strikkekveld – National knitting eve

On 01, Nov 2013 | In | By antiform

Nasjonal strikkekveld – National knitting eve

The latest installment in Norway’s slow TV-craze is … National Knitting Eve.

During an 12 hour continous broadcast, you get your knitting fix, complete with tips and inspiration.At 12 o’clock the ambitious world record attempt will start, where we will try to make a sweater from the wool of one sheep in less than 4 hours and 51 mins, the record time currently held by the Australians.

knitting women

For the promo we didn’t have much to work with, since this is a live broadcast. Sissel Rikheim of NRK Hordaland got her camera out though, and got some random passer-bys to knit her some socks.


Since the voice over (written by myself) mentions the record attempt, it made sense to illustrate this through the subject at hand, knitting. A few years back I saw a very inspired promo for MTV’s this is our music, made by Pistachios of Sweden, featuring cross stitching typography and visuals. The making of mentions it was done using 3d particles, and so I thought let’s see if this can be used for knitting as well.


The result can be seen in the finished promo, and looks rather convincing, if I do say so myself.’


If there’s any interest, I’ll write up a quick tutorial, it’s rather simple at the ground level actually. Here’s the finished promo: