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Kongshavn – NRK RadioteateretKongshavn – NRK RadioteateretKongshavn – NRK RadioteateretKongshavn – NRK RadioteateretKongshavn – NRK RadioteateretKongshavn – NRK Radioteateret

On 03, Oct 2012 | In | By antiform

Kongshavn – NRK Radioteateret

This job is one of my all time favorites, as it brought with it all the things I’m fond of; creative concepts, drawing, 3d, funky transistions and heavy comping.

Kongshavn is a play for the radio, featuring a family involved in a scrapyard, top level politics and the war in Afghanistan. The scene is set for some dramatic events…

packshot_croppedThe best thing about doing stuff for radio, is that there are no readily available pictures, they have to be made from scratch. So when I stumbled across a quote from one of radio’s grand old men, “radio makes the best pictures”, I really got inspired to create some imagery that would remind people of the pictures they make in their minds when being read to.

As an experiment, I decided to pick my colleagues collective mind for assosciations. I took an actionpacked stretch from the show, divided it into segments with a chapter title for each segment. Then we would brainstorm for assosiations for each chapter title, which eventually was the basis for my illustrations.shot_016


And so, without further ado, here’s the final promo:


The storyboard can be seen here, in retrospect I’d say it’s fairly close to the finished promo.

Below are some making of videos, they are rather slow paced and technical, you’ve been warned (and no, there’s no sound). The software used is the ancient, buried Autodesk Combustion.

The lying skull:

The taliban wolves:

This is the backwall of my office space while I was working on the project.