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DIY v02 -sewing

5th August 2016 By antiform

So after finishing the mini ramp I needed another project –
How ’bout taking up sewing?

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Building a backyard mini ramp DIY-style

5th August 2016 By antiform

This probably isn’t the worlds most helpful mini-ramp building guide, as it involves some pretty unusual tools – both software and hardware – which isn’t to everyone’s disposal, but you will find some useful general tips on carpentry and using skatelite for surfacing.

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How to compile PFBarrel for the newest release of Nuke

27th January 2015 By antiform

Outdated as of PFtrack 2016.06.10 – but kept for sentimental reasons.

– First of all. I don’t know what I’m doing. If you’re reading this, you most likeliy don’t either.

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